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We value our human resources, which is reflected in our people-oriented management philosophy. We formulated rigorous regulations on recruitment and employment processes in order to standardize recruitment procedures, avoid any unfair recruitment issue, and optimally strengthen company competitiveness. We mainly engage in open recruitment process, which conforms to employment recruitment regulations. The HR department is responsible for the recruitment process while the supervisory department conducts internal audit of recruitment process. If any process is found to be against regulations, including recruitment of juveniles under age of 16, forced labor and illegal labor, the HR department and supervisory department would have a joint investigation and implement any disciplinary measures.

To further establish a harmonious labor relationship, all our employees receive career development and equal opportunities for promotion regardless of gender, age, region, position or employment type. Meanwhile, to preserve the positivity and creativity of employees, and to encourage them to fully develop personal intelligence and talents, our reward and welfare distribution are strictly based on personal contribution and performance.

To protect employees’ legal rights, we set up employee social security management regulation according to national regulations, guaranteeing that employees have received due benefits. Also, in order to guarantee employees’ human rights and improve their working efficiency, we formulated regulations to standardize employee off-duty management.