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Great love knows no boundary, noble virtue conquers all fences. Add New Energy Investment Holdings Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Add New Energy), listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 27 April, 2012, Stock Code: 2623HK. Add New Energy is headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, it is an investment holding company. Main business: First, the exploration of titanium ore, titanium ore, titanium sponge and titanium of high production of titanium whole industry chain to build; the second is the exploration of iron ore, iron ore mining production and sales; third is light solar thermal systems engineering, photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants and other clean energy, construction and operation. Fourth, improve soil, water and other natural resources for social responsibility systems engineering project construction.

Currently Add New Energy has four major subsidiaries. They are Shandong Ishine Mining Industry Co., Limited, Linyi Luxing Titanium Co. Limited, Tianjin Ever Grand Financial Leasing Co., Limited and Ishine International Resources Limited. Shandong Ishine Mining Industry Co., Limited and Linyi Luxing Titanium Co. Limited principally engaged in iron and ilmenite ore exploration, mining and processing to produce iron and titanium concentrates. Currently owned mines include Yangzhuang Iron Mine, Zhuge Shangyu Ilmenite Mine, Qinjiazhuang Ilmenite, Gaozhuang Shangyu Ilmenite and Luxing Titanium Mine. The company greatly concern about environmental protection and governance. In March 2011, we won a prize of “State Green Mine” awarded by the Ministry of Land and Resources, which is one of the only five ferrous metal mines obtaining this honor. In October 2009, we were accredited with Safety Standard Second Grade Corporation Certificate issued by Shandong Province Administration of Work Safety. In 2010, the company performs scientific and technological research, and becomes the demonstration base as well as the maker and proponent of dry tailings discharge in Shandong Province. In 2011, the company passed the ISO 19001 management systems accreditation. In September 2014, Shandong Academician Workstation has been approved for establishment. On 10 December 2015, we were awarded with the National High-Tech Enterprise qualification.